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Idaho Trial/Litigation Attorney

 Trial and Litigation Attorney Boise You should try and avoid litigation, but sometimes it inevitable. Brian Webb Legal has the expertise and grit to start and finish litigation. It has represented individuals and large and small businesses in State and Federal Courts, trying cases to judges and juries alike. Its diversified litigation practice will follow the case through the initial filings, then to motion practice, discovery, mediation and trial. We represent clients in a variety of cases, such as:

Quiet Title Actions
Lien Foreclosures
Construction Litigation
Real Estate Litigation
Partnership Disputes
Corporate Officer and Director Litigation
Limited Liability Company (LLC) Disputes
Contract Litigation
Family Law and Divorce Litigation
Securities Litigation
Criminal Defense
Consumer Protection Cases and Fraud
UCC Litigation

Brian Webb Legal has the knowledge and skill to represent you effectively and efficiently in court. We actively seek opportunities to resolve disputes, but when necessary, will take a hard-nosed approach to prosecuting and/or defending your rights.

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