Tiffany Hales Of Brian Webb Legal Works With Idaho Lawmakers To Protect Homeowners and Landlords

Idaho State Senator Todd Lakey who helped draft and sponsor Senate Bill 1120 which adds squatting to the expedited eviction code in Idaho.

In April of 2016, Attorney Tiffany Hales of Brian Webb Legal represented a Nampa, Idaho couple who had caught a woman living in their vacant home without their permission. Because of a loophole in Idaho’s eviction statute, Brian and Renea Prindle were unable to evict the woman quickly and had to file a traditional lawsuit, which could have taken months to resolve.

Under Idaho’s current code, a landlord or homeowner can only have a fast-tracked eviction if their tenant is either not paying rent based on their lease, or using or selling illegal drugs in the home. There is no provision for an expedited eviction in the event a squatter starts living on a property.

Attorney Tiffany Hales, along with Senator Todd Lakey of Nampa are proposing a new bill that offers protection for landlords and homeowners from squatters. The new bill adds verbiage to the existing code that will allow a homeowner to get a hearing in front of a judge in 72 hours if anyone is living on a property with no legal right to be there. Both Lakey and Hales hope will the new legislation will protect homeowners like the Prindles in the future.

The Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee agreed that this issue needed to be fixed, and they unanimously approved the new legislation. It now heads to the Senate floor for a vote.

Our client Wendy Chapman from 208 House Property Management who testified in front of the Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee today in support of Senate Bill 1120 which adds squatting to the expedited eviction code.

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