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Idaho Debtors’ Rights Attorney

Debtors Rights Overwhelming credit card debt, creditor harassment, and the threat of repossession affects every aspect of your life. Debt collectors often can employ illegal means to collect the debt they claim you owe, attempting to scare you into paying your debt quickly. Even if you are behind on your payments and owe a debt, you still have rights that all collectors must respect. Brian Webb Legal will safeguard you from harassment and illegal practices, providing you legal debtor protection. We provide assistance with:

Medical Debts
Credit Card Debts
Home Equity and Second Mortgages
Homes Underwater

Brian Webb Legal also provides counsel to businesses and individuals needing help resolving financial difficulties. It strives to protect debtors’ rights by understanding how to legally protect their clients, making sure all rights are upheld when dealing with creditors. To discuss your situation and formulate innovative solutions based on your needs, please contact our firm today.

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